Monday, September 13, 2010

EA: One life changed IS a difference

So I said there were two things that I disagreed with... the second one was when the aforementioned person mentioned that many people were running programs. And to donors' minds, they would think, "How many people are participating in your program - just ten? How can impacting ten lives make any difference?"

Okay, friends who know me well, you know that at this point, Gillian would normally jump up and start a tirade about: how can anyone say such a thing, and don't you know that these kids are as precious and have as much potential as anybody etc. etc., right?

Well, friends, you'll be sooooo proud of me - I exercised wonderful self-restraint and did not even show with a blink of an eye (well, I think I did blink - twice!) how much that statement shocked me.

Oh by the way, this person is just repeating what she feels donors would say - they aren't representative of her own views. She's a valuable and dedicated team member of Expedition Agape!

But... ten lives NOT make a difference?! Excuse me?!!! How could such a thought flash through anyone's mind? Ten lives impacted for life not make a difference? ONE life changed, makes a difference! Ten lives changed can impact the world!

Listen, I'm not exaggerating...

Well, okay, let's start with just logical thinking. Just the first logical thought that should sweep through a sensible person's head is that these kids are called at-risk because they are at-risk of going either way - being responsible (ahem!) members of society and on the other hand, being influenced by the circumstances surrounding them into becoming... err.. less well-accepted members of society.

If a person becomes a criminal, a prostitute, a drug addict... doesn't that impact their family and community and country for worse? And saddest of all, doesn't it waste a person's life?

See, the kids get mercy because right now, they're still young. But once they grow into adulthood and are no longer 'cute', society reaches the limits of its patience. Then what will happen to these promising lives? Will they choose behavior that will harm and damage the lives of those who, today, can't see how impacting ten lives could ever make a difference?

And then on the other hand... who made you God to say that these ten lives are worth nothing? For isn't that what you are saying when you say that ten lives impacted for a difference means nothing?

You are saying that out of these ten lives, no Marie Curie will come. Out of these ten lives, no Mahatma Gandhi will come. Out of these ten lives, there will be no Mother Theresa. Out of these ten lives, there is no potential Isaac Newton, no Rembrandt, no Nelson Mandela, no Lee Kuan Yew, for that matter! Out of these ten lives, there will come NOTHING... so don't waste your money on them, because it matters not what impact is made on their lives.

Who made you God to decide that? For in every child, there is a seed of GREATNESS. And every person has the potential to create the next DIFFERENCE.

These ten lives mean as much as your life. If you deserve a chance, then so do they! If you deserve opportunity, so do they!

If you, looking at a child, think him worthless, than I feel sorry for you. For you've lost that love of humanity that is WHY we are all part of humanity.

We are here to create opportunities for one another, to love one another, to inspire each other, to give each other a helping hand. When I believe in you enough to invest in you, I see your potential, and I give you a chance to grow and fulfil that potential because you will benefit humankind with your gifts. And we all benefit together.

So think... ONE life changed, IS a worthwhile difference.

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