Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Early Birthday Treat!

Wow.... Debra asked me if I was doing anything this Saturday and I said yes, Expedition Agape orientation camp! And when I asked her what was up, she said "Your birthday".

Awwwsssss... I didn't expect she will remember! That was so so so sweet of her! She took me out to celebrate yesterday instead :).

Debra ... the only photo she'd let me take of her the whole night! We've been fwens since primary skool... she was actually a year ahead of me. She was such a pale, strange, morbid kid in an oversized pinafore and a real gift in art and writing!

Roasted garlic and olive oil with vinegar. Uhm... you dip the bread in the olive oil and vinegar, and Debra says the roasted garlic is nice in between the bread, but personally I ate the garlic like peanuts at a Chinese dinner.

Tiramisu! Debs was craving for it! Very nice and floaty!

Yummy bread.... they bake it fresh in the restaurant and it was a meal by itself!

Gnocchi... I don't normally fancy it, but this was really good... bursting with flavour. Debs and I shared a plate... she knows my appetite all too well. Besides, she was full too by the time we finished!

The whole table spread is so excellently delishious!!!

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