Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Dragon

A few years ago, I watched a documentary on Mount Wudang - the centre for Chinese Wushu training. They featured especially three students who were so talented, they were given the honorific title of 'Dragon'.

The littlest student to be given this title was called "Little Dragon". She was a small girl who had been sent to Mount Wudang by her mother. Her mother had remarried, and her stepfather and stepbrothers and sisters ill-treated her. For her own safety, her mother sent her away. I thought it was rather ironic that she chose Mount Wudang, as the severe treatment meted out to the students in beatings and hardships are well-known.

One thing which Little Dragon said stuck in my mind - she said, "I miss my mother very much. I hate my father. When I grow up, I'm going to kill him." She stopped speaking, and turned her face away from the camera. A tear rolled down her cheek... and the interviewer paused the interview.

Little Dragon eventually left Mount Wudang to go home because she missed her mother too much. I wonder what happened to her at home. Did she finally find peace and resilience to bear her environment until she grew up even in the face of open rejection? Or did the hate keep growing in her heart and did she eventually have to leave home because of that hate, and because her mother could not, would not protect her from abuse?

And what is love, if love means you will not protect your own daughter, preferring married life with a man who ill-treats your daughter to a life as a single woman struggling alone but with your daughter at peace and happy?

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