Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meeting up with Lucy

So glad to meet up with Lucy last night... I don't think we've ever really had a chance to sit down and talk... She's always been just this lady who is THE leading person for sign language interpretation in Malaysia.

She asked me to help her borrow some books from my ex-sign language teacher who is now staying in Singapore, and she offered to treat me for dinner too! So, so sweet!

She really was a God-sent to me, as Lucy told me about the course that she is on right now for children with special needs. I thought that was disabled children and therefore unrelated to my dream, but she clarified that it included children who've been abused and neglected etc. which is PERFECT! The hours are flexible and not too demanding, and it's about what I expected to pay and have budgeted to pay.

I'm really happy.

Best of all, we got to share about work with sexually abused children. Lucy is Vice-President in the National Coalition Against Child Sexual Abuse in Malaysia and we talked and talked and TALKED about her experiences and what we wanted to do etc. I was so so so so happy, because I normally can't talk to ANYONE about my dreams... people are uncomfortable when you bring up child sexual abuse, and often they get a little too shocked. So I keep quiet so as not to 'spoil the mood' when I'm with my friends.

This time I had a licence to talk! And Lucy told me something so promising - I shared my dream of setting up a centre and especially of working with the kids who can't talk about it. She said we can discuss and see - she has a 3 storey building that someone donated and she is going to turn it for helping the Deaf. She pointed out that she works with kids who can't talk, and I'll be wanting to help kids who won't talk, so it's similar, so let's see!

One thing which made me sad... I brought up the issue of the case against the teacher in one of the Deaf Schools who was accused of molesting three of the students. The case was eventually dismissed for lack of evidence. Apparently the most prominent 'defence' girl who was almost raped, became promiscuous after being molested, and that prejudiced the case.

I don't know what to say.... It's so normal. I am so sad for the girl who had the courage to tell but who has now discovered there is no justice anyway, even after her courageous fight. I'm sad because, she has chosen the road to let others use her body after being touched.

I really understand that. I liken it to the wall that all of us have around us. When you are touched, it's like that wall that normally protects you is destroyed and smashed. And after that, I don't know why, you just can't seem to build up that wall anymore. And anyone can come in and touch you and you just can't say 'no'.... And I don't know why either, but somehow people seem to know that it's okay to touch you....

I wish I could talk to that girl... but I know I can't. I just have to focus on the kids who will come along my path when I pursue my dream.Lucy shared that her work has made a difference because the children really TALKED about the abuse. I'm amazed! I just couldn't believe that you could get kids to talk the way it's being conducted right now so openly. But it could.

She also trained the parents to be quick to pick up the signals.... which is great... I wish more parents were trained, because... it's not that kids don't tell; it's that parents don't listen.

:> Sometimes when I write blogposts like these, friends will ask me why my blog so sad. My answer to anyone who thinks so now is - because this is MY blog and I'm going to write about what interests ME and my life. If you don't like the content, there are others interesting blogs to read besides mine... I don't mind if you ignore mine.

But I care about this... and I'm going to write about this... because not many people do.

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