Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank You, God

... for Your loving affirmations yesterday.

I didn't want to go for the Feast of Tabernacles at my church yesterday... I wasn't feeling well with asthma and coughing, and also... I felt really sad about M.

But after a two-hour journey through the rain, I made it anyway!

Oh it was so nice to be welcomed back! I'm always amazed at how much love I receive from people around me - that they really miss me and show me how glad they are to see me. I am just so so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful friends.

When it came to the time of altar call, I went up, and the speaker, Barbara Lanzdorf, prayed over me. At first she said, "You're a fanatic" and I was like, "grooooooaaannnnn... not again!" because she said that the last time - that I would be a fanatic for God. (in a good sense! *lols*)

But then she said, "You will take God's light where there is no light... Because many people will come up to you who have problems and God will give you wisdom to speak to them... There are people who will come to you who don't know their destiny and God will give you wisdom to tell them their destiny."

That was E-XACT-LY the words that I so needed to hear, God. I need Your wisdom with the people whom I meet in the work that I do. Thank You so much!

And that loving affirmation from You - nobody else can replace that. Nobody else can affirm me... because God, nobody else but You, knows me.

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