Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cheerful thots! :>

*lols* I just wanted to fill up something because I didn't want to leave my blog in such a depressing state!

Especially when I'm not depressed at all! >.< I had such a wonderfully relaxing Saturday, and in the afternoon, God sent a glorious, thunderous rain storm to cool the air, clear the haze so Gillian won't have asthma, and make the atmosphere peaceful and sweet!

And I got to catch up with Joanna and Jody who stayed over last night - I miss them sooooo much! Especially Joanna who stayed with me for some months after her mom passed away... gosh... Miss her lots!

Joanna and Jody are currently working in YWAM and they have shops in Penang and Kuala Lumpur which hire and help to rehabilitate drug addicts and alcoholics and street people (yeah, I know - I have so many beautiful friends who spend their lives just being a blessing to others!). It's not easy - there are so many difficulties working with ex-addicts.

It was a joy to just talk and share but we didn't have much time because they were just staying overnight and poor Joanna wasn't feeling too well :(.

And right now I'm just waiting for Sheryl's lovely cupcakes to be ready!! She is so sweet - she is baking them today instead of the night before so they'll be fresher for the wedding tomorrow.

Foremost in my thoughts this past week especially is that I am never going to make the same mistake that I did on the onset of serving in Singapore.... to get so busy that I miss out on church week after week.

ONE week is fine once in a while if we can't help it, but week after week? Oy vey! What a big huge mistake I made!

Things went totally caterwumpus without that filling in of God's presence. Without taking time out for His divine rest. Now I know why God set aside the 7th day as a day of rest IN HIM... He knows we can't function without us coming into His presence and getting refreshed and renewed.

Going on in my own strength doesn't work. It is His love that has always flowed through me to touch others; it's not my own, or I would have ko'ed a long time ago! I just don't have that much love or wisdom or anything to give.

I am so blessed to have God in my life and I never want to take Him for granted again. He truly is my everything.

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