Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pan Mee!

When I went back to church for the FOT, one thing which somehow came up was, "Joel's pan mee! We've GOT to try okay!!" and before I knew it, we had organized one contingent going all the way to Taman Danau Desa to try his pan mee!

Joel coming out to greet us in front of his new restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant.

The menu... I totally couldn't resist the sound of 'tomato tom yam pan mee'!!! Mmmmmmm!!!

Christina is hiding behind her notes. *sigh* This girl misses me for a not so good reason ie. because she's always either sick or injured and I'll be mothering her! We warned her that if we ever go to Sikkim India together, we will have to keep her away from the cliff edges!

Oh gosh, I've missed being with the youths! It was so fun :>... and they really welcome seeing me back more than anyone else. All of them are precious in my heart.

Rachel, Benjamin, Daniel and Ovira.

Crispy sui kow. Joel insisted the 'air' inside was an important component. Hmmm.... =.=

This was an 'A' class first choice - tomato tom yam pan mee!

Really unique taste - pumpkin pan mee!

Mmm.... we all just HAD to have a second plate of this - creamy sauce pan mee!

After that, we had cendol and iced drinks elsewhere and then I sent Ovira, Edo, Rachel and Benjamin home. We talked... and one thing that Rachel said made me smile, "You know, we miss you for talks like this." :) It's nice to be wanted.

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