Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phone calls from home

Last Sunday, during the buddy outing, D received a phone call. I could hear his side of the phone call and it went along the lines of, "Oh, hi Mom! Yeah, eating lunch. Not yet. Ya...." etc. etc.

When he hung up, I was like, "That's your mom?" and when he nodded, I squealed, "That's so sweeeeet!"

Later I couldn't help going, "Awww.. you received a call from your MOM!" whereupon he gave me a funny look like he thought I was taking the mickey out of him.

I honestly wasn't. I was just...

Things like this, just really touch me. I think people take it so much for granted. I dunno whether it's weekends or what, but every time I go to Singapore, I can see parents with their kids just enjoying being together, talking together, and it always, always moves me.

It gives me so much joy to see together-families. And I just want to tell them, Appreciate your love ones. Keep them close to you. Know what a gift you have. Don't waste time in silly quarrels or in annoying habits that irritate you, because these things don't matter. You are very, very lucky.

But I can't tell them that.

Sometimes, people are surprised at how I take simple things that they take for granted... I just get so amazed... Things like, "You mean you have REUNION DINNER? Wow, really? With the whole family at the table?! Gosh!"

They can't get what the fuss is all about. And I can't tell them, because they'll never understand.

I'll never forget how distressed I got when a teenage friend quarrelled with his sister - he couldn't understand why I was interfering and gave a sharp remonstrance to stay out of it. He couldn't hear my heart saying, "Don't quarrel! Please don't quarrel! You have each other, and families are fragile. If you quarrel now, it might dissolve!"

He doesn't see it. He doesn't know what it's like to see a family break apart, and he cannot fathom his beautiful, strong family ever being apart.

And he can never fully understand how very fortunate he is.

If I could give the world a blessing, it would be that each person in a fairly happy family (for there are no perfect families) would come to see and appreciate each other, and love each other and stay close in that beautiful warmth that only happy families can gather. May you always be blessed in the unity that God meant for families.

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