Monday, October 25, 2010

Please Stop the Pain

Yesterday, a dear, sweet precious person hosted me whilst I waited for the wedding. I don't really know this girl well - we've just gotten to know each other - but over and over again, I'm amazed by how giving, how kind and generous she is. She does things that I hardly ever get to see people do - going the extra mile with sweet sincerity, not asking for anything back.

I've always been a little afraid for this gentle spirit, because I know too well that the world can be cruel and take disgusting advantage of such a beautiful soul.

We were just sitting round in her bedroom chatting, and somehow, we got to sharing. My heart really broke when this sweet, gentle soul shared about a painful time she had been through recently. My heart cried out silently, "Why you? Of all the people this could happen to, why you?"

I just had to give her a big hug, and when I let go, tears were still falling from her eyes.

God, I have met so many beautiful children of Yours... and so many have gone through great pain in their lives. It makes my heart ache to see the wounded hearts in this world. There are memories seared into people's minds that affect them today that shouldn't be there.

Precious Father, won't You please end the pain? Won't You please gather them into Your arms and wipe away the sad and bad memories? Won't You lift their feet up so that they don't always walk on thorns and stones along their journey's path?

Won't You come quickly, Jesus, so that we will reach the Day when You wipe every tear from everyone's eyes? Please Jesus, stop the pain, heal the wounded places and take us to the place where there is Joy and Love and Peace... and all the good things I know You meant us to have.

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