Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why me, Lord?

Every time I am surrounded again by the beautiful, amazing love showered down on me by my friends, I ask God again that question.

Why me? Why am I so blessed? Why have You brought such beautiful people along my path who want to be friends with me and whom I can enjoy so much great friendship with?

Why have you given me friends who've stuck with me for years - some have even been friends with me since kindergarten! >.< Oh gosh! We went through everything together! Losing our first teeth, getting our first training bras, first boyfriends, first everythings!

Some share my heart. When their hearts unfold, there are glowing fiery roses in the middle full of hopes and dreams and promises and ambitions that surely must have originated from You... for how else can they be so beautiful?

I have friends who make me laugh and they're as comfy as old fleece blankets, Lord. They are the ones who I know I can always call on to go out or do something, and even though we've probably not spoken to each other since the previous year because we've been so busy, the answer is immediately 'yes' and we will spend the whole evening laughing our heads off about the silliest mundane things.

Friends who care so deeply about me - I am amazed by their love. I don't think I loved myself as much as they love me. They follow up with me when they know (sometimes they guess!) that I am sad or upset, they give little gifts to say they thought of me, they're always there when I need someone to talk to.

And a couple of dear friends who have even made me absolutely swear that if I ever am on the brink of committing suicide, I'll call them first! >.< Oh gosh! Yesterday, when everything was so black even the blue cloudless sky looked dark, I FB'd one of them. Her words were Rhema to me - "God will take you Home Himself if you are not needed here in this world." They were Your words to me, God. They were exactly what I needed to hear.

My friends often know me better than I know myself! My friends can order for me (which always makes me laugh!), they can take one look at my face and know how I'm feeling, they can listen and pull out the one strand through the tapestry that is the running thread through it so that I can see it too.

God, thank You... I don't have the words to tell You how grateful I am. Above all, thank You, for being my bestest Friend of all.

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