Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anticipation :)

Feeling tons better :>. Okay, acknowledged and agreed... It DOES help to talk things thru instead of sweeping them under the carpet... even if it IS far more tiring to do so!

God, I need Your wisdom too... I don't know how to help my team, but I know You do. And I know there is a reason You brought me here... I keep thinking it's for a future purpose, but maybe it is not - maybe You put me here, in this team, at this time, for a specific reason.

Help me to see what it is. At times when I get disheartened, I think I'm the misfit of the team >.<... but I love my team-mates! And I love the youths too!

And never let me forget... EA is in Your hands... and You won't let any of us fall. Surely You will honour the faith of those who named the Expedition 'Agape'... for the love that it represents. <3

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