Friday, November 19, 2010

Extending the Dream

It was a very inspiring meeting with Marina Mahathir for me and for the RACTAR girls. And yet again, there was this sense of divine appointment in this whole meeting.

I have to be honest - I was feeling disappointed that EA would not take place for the Malaysians, and apprehensive for the time after EA. Apprehensive because, I put down so many things in order to be part of EA.

That really came home to me on Wednesday especially - I woke up at 1:30 a.m. to get ready to go to the airport in order to make it for a 2 hour meeting that started at 10a.m. in Singapore. After the meeting, I wandered around until my 6:45p.m. bus whereupon I reached home and fell into bed at almost midnight! When you're 350km away from home, a single meeting equals an entire trip!

So I had to give up ballet classes, volunteer work, church duties... just to be part of EA. And I wondered, now that EA was not happening for the Malaysians in the forseeable future, what I would do when I finally could 'go home' for good again.

I knew that CampVision's Journey Continues program would continue for the youths, and that would be once a month. But the EA program, which we thought could be modified so that the orphanage youths could go to East Malaysia to do community service, seemed to be not so soon in the pipeline as Yuk Wai wanted the UTAR psychology interns to do it.

And also at the back of my mind, I thought, easy enough to build a school so that the children in East Malaysia do not need to walk so far or ride a lorry to go to school. But who would teach?

And this is where Marina Mahathir came in.

She told me about a beautiful idea that graduates from overseas universities had come up with and proposed to her. They wanted to take the American idea of Teach for America and modify it to create - Teach for Malaysia! Graduates from University, promising, bright, enthusiastic young people would be offered the chance to teach for 2 years in a local school and make a difference in the lives of the children attending government schools of Malaysia.

I was so excited! East Malaysia is one place where these young grads can go to to make a difference. And a constant stream of teachers (I'm realistic; I know not many people will want to settle long-term in the underdeveloped hamlets of East Malaysia) is just what I need for the schools that we are thinking of building.

So cross two fingers, and seeing how the dream pans out. But this has brought home to me again, the messages that my God has spoken to me, "I am with you... I have a plan for your life. Wait and see My purpose worked out in your future."

I know I don't need to worry. He holds the future, and His plans are all for good.

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