Thursday, November 25, 2010

Please listen...

One thing which happened during the recent camp that I really appreciated was when Suan, founder of CampVision, just took time out to listen to the volunteers.

It had been a pretty confusing day for all of us. Suan and Rena sat us down and asked us how we were feeling. And for once, all of us could honestly express how we felt.

We were too.... I dunno... exhausted to explain very much, but at least, we could be honest.

One thing which I've learnt in EA that I will never forget is, how important it is to listen to real feedback from your team. I appreciate how Shufen emailed us to say, Don't be sensitive, everyone, or nobody will dare to raise up any issues again.

I've always been someone who prefers to hide everything under a rock and determinedly and single-mindedly push through a project until its completion.

But recently, I've changed my mind... I believe it is the people and not the project that matters. It may take time to listen to your team, but if part of your objective is to grow your team, to develop the people involved in the project, then taking that time out is not time wasted.

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