Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Possibilities = Endless!

Really excited...

Yesterday, I received an email from Woon with all the upcoming activities for the Deaf. Woon really tries her best to come up with great programmes for the Deaf.

I wrote an email to thank her and told her I couldn't attend any because I'd be either in Singapore or India during the upcoming events.

She wrote back to ask for more details because she thought it'd be an interesting possibility for the Deaf youths in Malaysia!

I told her about my plan to adapt it for Malaysians to take them to East Malaysia. It also involves physical activities which is more ideal for the Deaf.

I really hope this can take off, as one of the things that's in my heart is to get the Deaf and Hearing to integrate more with each other.

Helen Keller once said, "Blindness separates you from things. But Deafness separates you from people." I couldn't understand why, until I mixed more with the Deaf.

I still remember so clearly joining a friend from Penang Deaf Association for a celebration dinner for different community service associations. We sat in full view of everyone, had dinner and conversed in sign. People around us were mingling and getting to know each other, but nobody approached us. I heard voices whispering, "Oh, they're deaf!"

At one point my friend looked at me sadly and signed, "In this whole party, I only talk to you." I didn't know what to say...

Community service is something I want to share with the Deaf, because it is my favourite-st activity! I've invited Deaf friends to concerts, parties, events... but I've not shared this one part of me that I love the most yet.

I don't know where this will lead, nor do I understand why so many exciting possibilities are opening up after Expedition. But I know my God sees my heart because He is giving me all the desires of my heart just as He promised He would.

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