Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have to say, volunteering in Singapore has really given me a battering in the self-esteem department :>.

Everyone seems so much quicker, smarter, brighter, funnier, more talented, more fit and healthy etc. etc. than me!

Suan is from Raffles Junior College (for non-Singaporeans, that is the elite-st of colleges! You can't get higher than that in Singapore - only the cream of Singapore students get in!) and started CampVision at the tender age of 27... Serene is from Nanyang Girls School (cream of all the Chinese-ed students in Singapore!) and, I don't know, the other day I couldn't help but think, she's better than me in every way!... Phi Fern was ex-Head Prefect from my school in Singapore...!!!

I really feel so small and intimidated amongst all these 'greats'.

But then yesterday, when I was miserably talking to God about this, He reminded me that He HAD given me a talent - I pick up sign language quickly! It made me *smile*!

I was like, "God, I would have loved to be talented in singing like Pst Kim, or dancing... or something showy like that. Instead, You've given me a talent to empower me to serve others!"

My God has a plan for my life - and the plan is so beautiful. I can't believe sometimes that He would use me to help others... but He does. And He didn't just give me a mandate, He equipped me.

I love You, God. Thank You for Your beautiful plan for my life.

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