Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soar Higher

Yesterday, I couldn't resist re-wording the verse in the Bible that says: "Blessed are the peacemakers..." by adding, "Because they desperately need the blessing!"

Sometimes, it's so easy to 'sink down' to do the things that you know are not pleasing to God. It's easy to choose to snap at someone when they tell you off, it's easy to do a sloppy job in the office when everyone else seems to get away with it, it's easy to park illegally because you just need to run in for just a second... It's easy.

But it's not what God has called us to. He called us to be our BEST.

I was reading a book that illustrated this very beautifully with the story of the eagle... The majestic eagle has an annoyance... that annoyance is the crow! Goodness knows why, but the crow likes to 'disturb' eagles by going up to them and 'caw! caw!'ing at them, flapping it's little wings and just distracting the eagle in its solemn flight.

What does the eagle do when the crow starts annoying it? Does it fight back, flap its wings and open its curved beak to give a high-pitched scream? Does it use its razor sharp talons and strong feet to tear at the little bitty crow and give as good as it gets?

No. The eagle just simply searches another warm draft and .... soars higher! You see the eagle doesn't need to flap its wings to soar... it rises on draft after draft to reach altitudes that crows can't. Ultimately it will reach a level that the crow cannot when the crow will drop away and leave the eagle to continue soaring the skies alone.

God has given us a draft to deal with the petty 'crows' in our lives. It's the spirit of grace.

When aggravations and troubles and annoyances come at us, God doesn't expect us to react the way the 'crows' do, flapping our wings, screaming and giving as good as we get.

He knows that He has given us the grace to overcome the problems and difficulties. He expects us to behave at another level, because we HAVE his grace to help us to behave in the way that reflects the children of God.

In the Word, it says, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in your weakness." Whatever we need, that is insufficient in ourselves, God has made perfect in Him.

We can choose a higher way for His glory.

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