Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stormie O'Martian

I don't know where my Stormie O'Martian book is... Nadine, with you, kut? Or did I lend it to someone else?

Stormie's mom suffered from paranoia shizoprenia all through Stormie's life. She was amazed to find out after her mom died that, symptoms of the disease were present the day her mom and dad got married. Her mom insisted Stormie's dad drive to another motel for their honeymoon because, "Somebody is following us! Aliens are tracking us!"

When her mom was dying from breast cancer, Stormie, in one of her broken-hearted days, cried out to God, "God, restore the relationship between my mom and me. I never had that... The most basic of relationships - that of a mother and her child - was taken from me."

And God promised her, "I will... Through your daughter."

And Stormie thought, "WHAT daughter?" She only had a son at that time and was certainly not planning on another child!

But God was faithful, and after her mom passed away, Stormie had a daughter. And in the days watching her little girl growing up, with childish giggles and white dresses and ribbons and bows, she grew to understand how her mom must have felt when she watched Stormie at play as a little girl.

She remembered little things like mini pancakes that her mom had made on her good days... birthday treats and happy moments.... The moments hadn't last too long, and they were swamped by the mud of the miserable hours that followed as her mom would succumb to the disease soon after...

But... she had been loved. Through the disease of schizoprenia, at the base of it all, there was deep, abiding mother's love.

And that was enough.

What a beautiful story and what a blessing it has been. I'm so glad she had the courage to share.

Few understand... how precious are the ones that do.

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