Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two little boys

Don't know where my thoughts are drifting with this...

Just been thinking these past few days about two precious little boys...

One of them I saw last Sunday again... being absolutely SMOTHERED with kisses. His 'big sisters' were happily passing him one to another and he was totally enjoying the attention. His big eyes were filled with tears from having being awoken a little earlier than he'd like from his nap, but he was still capable of giving huge charming smiles at anyone who tried to make him laugh.

Another little boy I've not seen for a while and I wonder how he's progressing. The last I saw was of him on 'mommy's' shoulder, being carried around comfortably whilst he dozed.

And yes, I forgot about a third little boy in Cambodia... the last I saw of him , he was laughing merrily, clowning around in his little red shorts and t-shirt, and covering his little eyes with his chubby hands when the laughter of his amused 'audience' got too loud.

I love to see these three little boys and how much they are just 'gulung'd in love.

All three of them were abandoned. The first two boys, who are in Malaysia, had mothers who came to two different centres and handed them over, with the indifferent instruction, "I don't want my kid anymore. Can you send him to the Welfare Department?"

The third little boy was found, a weak little body, crying at the garbage dump where he was abandoned.

All three are so lucky. The workers at three different centres took the boys, held them close and swore, "If you don't want him, I will take him. And he shall be like my own son!"

And so these three boys have become. And more than that, amongst the other abandoned, abused, neglected and forgotten children living in these three centres, they have become the beloved 'di di's... spoilt and pampered by all the girls who pour out the love locked in their own hurting hearts onto these precious boys.

Indeed, sometimes looking at these little boys 'entertain' their jie jie's and giving their cheeky, charming grins, I secretly wonder if they won't become too spoilt.

But, isn't that a wonderful alternative than what could have been?

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