Thursday, January 13, 2011

Divine Destiny

:> Just thinking... isn't it amazing, when you know that you know that you know, you are working according to a Great Plan made before you were born?

Isn't it awesome and humbling to know that God made you to make a good difference in this world?

I don't say that with pride and haughtiness, because I believe EVERYONE is made to make a good and great difference in this world.

But along the way, some people get hurt and sad and bitter and angry... and they lose their way. They choose to live a lower way, a selfish way, because they're so afraid of losing what they have, that they hold on to it extra tightly. They don't believe God will take care of them anymore, nor that He has a beautiful plan for their life.

What made it different for me... Hmmm...I guess, I've lost some things that made me realise how transient life is? I would say I don't value life, but that wouldn't be quite right, really, because I do... I love life.... but it doesn't matter to me anymore?

I think people matter more than anything else in this whole world! People are so beautiful, inside. The wonder of a person just awes me.

It is not difficult to serve a person... it is a privilege. I am so, so blessed... and somedays, I feel as if I'm flying on wings because I'm just so very happy :>.

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