Friday, January 7, 2011

Energy needed urgently!

Last night, I thought - the Team from Expedition Agape have made one overseas trip... I've probably made a dozen :>. Well, quite literally - after all, I do cross the sea! *lols*

I'm physically very tired... I really hope March and April are quieter months as from May onwards, the pace will be relentless again.

In May alone, the outing with the Timor Leste girls AND the Hello-Goodbye camp for the youths in the Journey Continues Malaysia program will take place.

June will be CampVision.

July, we start Expedition Agape Malaysia (hopefully! >.<) and Journey Continues Malaysia all over again.

And on and on and on until February 2011...

God, grant me Your strength and supernatural power!

:> On the one hand, I may feel physically very tired... on the other hand, I'm so excited at the new possibilities! I am really looking forward to bringing the programmes to the Malaysian youths... More grateful than I can say to CampVision and Expedition Agape and Cybercare for all the training, guidance and support that makes the progs possible!

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