Monday, January 24, 2011

Second Chance

The applications for this year's CampVision participants from Malaysia are flowing in.

Last weekend, I thought a lot about the youths who come to CampVision from Singapore and Malaysia.

I know who are the ones who will be sent in from Malaysia - the cream of the crop. Malaysian orphanages will choose their brightest 'stars'... the best behaved, the ones with the most potential, the most likely to succeed.

On Saturday, we had an Amazing Race in CampVision Singapore. The youths who turned up were a wonderful mixture. There were youths who had tattoos, youths who had got into trouble, one boy punched the glass doors of a building when their team did not win...

Those are the youths in CampVision from Singapore.

They don't need to run a race to be accepted. They don't have to be the best. They don't need to eat all their green vegetables (okay, I'm just joking!). They don't have to curry up to their social workers.

They have to just be.

Isn't that what it should all be about? That just because YOU ARE, you can come in and join?

And because you do, you've been given a chance. You can choose to take it, or you can choose to drop it. It's up to you.

But in the CampVision experience, you're going to be given love. You're going to be given attention. You're going to be given tools to move on in your life.

You may not succeed this time... some of the youths don't. But you'll have another chance, next year. You'll be welcomed back.

It doesn't matter that you failed this time.

So what should I do for this year's selection? Tell the Malaysian Homes that "I want your worst kids?" :> And would I, by doing so, deprive kids who just need that one push to succeed, of an experience of a lifetime?

Or should I just wait and see, trusting that the right person will be chosen for camp, because that's just the way God works in people's lives?

I think I'll just trust Him.

Because I don't know the truth behind the masks. But He does.

And one powerful truth that God taught me years ago was, "Gillian, I love him/ her more than you do."

And because I know He does... I can let go.

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