Monday, January 3, 2011

JC program in Malaysia

I am tired today! I couldn't sleep because my mind was circling round and round thinking of the activities for the RACTAR girls for the rest of their Journey Continues.

Something which really excites me is the possibility that Marina Mahathir brought up - of having an outing of my RACTAR girls with the war orphans from Timor Leste who are here in Malacca.

I've written to the lady who takes care of the girls - I hope she agrees! Meanwhile, my girls have already started planning the program they will conduct with the Timor Leste girls. I'm sure it'll be a wonderful time for both groups, and I'm so happy for all of the girls to have this chance.

The RACTAR girls were pushing for a night's stay in Malacca, but I reminded them we are having a 2 day 1 night camp in June anyway. TWO one-night stints is just a bit too much for me! >.<

And of course, thinking and thinking of whether or not to do Expedition Agape in Malaysia this year or to wait! I'm so tempted in my pell-mell way to rush right into it!

I know I'll need to speak to the Education Minister. Then I want to link up with the youths conducting Teach For Malaysia and see if I can lobby for them to teach in the school if we do build schools in East Malaysia under EA Malaysia.

The whole year stretches ahead with so much to do... but God, let it be YOUR will that takes first place!

Where do You want me to go? One thing is for sure - it's a dizzying, wild, wonderful ride through life on Your wings!

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