Monday, January 17, 2011

A Journey of Faith

Last Saturday, I had a wedding dinner to attend and Cybercare's first volunteer gathering for the first time in years on the same night.

Iewi and Sarine were so sweet - they offered to present on the programmes on my behalf. But since most of the current/ new programmes being offered were under me, I felt I had to be there for a while anyway and do the presentations.

Oh, it was funny seeing the looks on the potential volunteers' faces when I told them about the volunteer requirement under Expedition Agape! Their eyes popped out!

Setting up Expedition Agape is such a journey of faith. You start with absolutely nothing, and piece by piece, bit by bit, it builds up until suddenly, there you are on the Expedition with everything fallen into place, and the road ahead is clear to completion.

But at the beginning... my, it looks so hopeless! I HAVE friends who will commit to the kind of volunteer schedule that EA demands... and none of them are in Kuala Lumpur >.
There is just such a sense though that this journey is safe in the Master's hand... and I can trust Him to work it out.

And.... I'm seriously thinking about how to set-up Expedition Agape in Indonesia too... I think it'd be so great for the street kids there, don't you all think so? ;>

Telling them about CampVision's camp, Journey Continues...

Expedition Agape...

And showing the video on Expedition Agape 2010

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