Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I contacted JumbleStation about a bed that I wanted to donate.

Really love the whole concept of JumbleStation - it's a shop that takes in second-hand goods to help single mothers and their children.

The founder, Mary Anne, was put into an orphanage herself when she was a little girl after her mom ran away from her father who was always gambling. She tried going home but she would be starving when she did.

After Form 5, she left the orphanage and started her own independent working life. Through many hardships, she travelled... and reached the point on her journey when she set up JumbleStation to help others. Because she knew what pain was like, she helped others to come out from pain.

I think that's the beautiful part that never fails to awe me... seeing and having the privilege to meet amazing people who have gone through so much, and instead of sitting and wallowing in their own misery, standing up to help others coming along behind in the same journey.

JumbleStation's blog address:- http://jumblestation1.blogspot.com/

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