Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Malaysia, WAKE UP!!

*sigh*... I give fair warning... this is going to be a 'rant' blog... so those who do not want to read rants, please read above or below, but not this post.

Lately the newspapers have been full of a children's Home in Penang who is 'under investigation' for allegations of sexual abuse.

I know the Home. I've volunteered in that Home. I know the other Home that may fall under investigation too. I've also volunteered in that other Home.

Yes, I knew that there were incidences of sexual abuse. YES, I KNEW!

Why didn't I report it? Report what? To whom?

These were incidences of sexual abuse that happened by volunteers and by older kids in the Home.

In the case of volunteers, they stop the volunteers from volunteering.

In the case of older kids, at best, they tell the kids it's wrong and stop it (my preferred method, btw). At worst, they expel the kids.

The kids move on to another Home (figure it out, people... they are AT a Home because they can't go home! Duh!). In the new Home, there are new predators amongst the older kids, and new victims amongst the younger kids.

And so the cycle goes on.

Pretending that it doesn't happen, is not the solution.

Pretending that it is an isolated case by an isolated kid, is not the solution.

For goodness sakes, Malaysia, provide counselling for these kids before the ticking time-bombs of hurt and rejection and abuse inside them explodes!! Don't expect the kids to heal themselves just because they are in a Home!

What do you think - they're going to absorb love by osmosis?! Love from whom? The House Mothers and Wardens are too busy, too tired and often too untrained, to provide love!

From volunteers? Yeah, those people who come in once in a while and who oft times don't come back at all?

From their families? The same people who dumped them in the Home because they don't want the responsibility of taking care of them in the first place?

*haihz* When will Malaysia WAKE UP and stop pretending this problem doesn't exist? :(

Article in the Star

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