Thursday, January 6, 2011

"What's the secret?"

:> Last night, we had Cybercare committee meeting. I laid out the plans and progress that Sam and I had come up with for Journey Continues Malaysia and Expedition Agape Malaysia.

When I told Yuk Wai about the heavy commitment required from volunteers for Expedition Agape, he shook his head and said, "You'd better do a volunteer rotation. You'll never get volunteers to commit to that kind of schedule."

I told him, "It IS possible! EA 2010 volunteers were THAT committed - and they gave 100% every week even in their own free time."

He just shook his head in amazement, said "Wow!" and, "Can you ask them: Why were they so committed? Find out - what is the secret? Is it the 3 days camp?"

And I told him, "No... in fact, most of them haven't attended the 3 days camp before!"

"Then, what is it? Is it the Singaporean kiasu spirit?"

"No... because 2008 Expedition volunteers were not THAT committed!"

"Then what is it? Ask them, find out, and let us know - what was the secret? We also need to have volunteers like that!"

*lols*!! I think, I've already spent 6 months in CampVision trying to find out, What is their secret that the whole camp experience is 'magical' and our youths tell us, "This is the best camp we've ever attended!"... now I have more secrets to find out! :>

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