Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CV M'sia Meeting

Yesterday we had an almost-four hour meeting for CampVision Malaysia. There is so much to cover!

I admit, I’m a little concerned about Sarine, Samantha and Iewi. Just like me, they have decided to participate fully in CampVision’s camp, Journey Continues and Expedition Agape. Sarine, Iewi and I are also in Cybercare!

I know, from having run this journey for a year, how very gruelling that can turn out to be. I don’t know if the girls are prepared for that and if they can run the distance for long. But the burden will be lighter on each of us because we run it together.

Iewi is the cutest – she is joining EA even though she can’t go into water. We teased her that she would have to stay on land throughout the Expedition. :>

Today I wrote to Suan to ask permission to call ourselves CampVision Malaysia. We happily used the title and JC Malaysia without asking for permission! Most reprehensible behaviour! ;>

Right now, I’m leading for CV Malaysia. But honestly? My heart is more towards Expedition Agape >.<.

At the meeting yesterday, I tried to fob off Journey Continues to the others, but Sarine and Iewi were having none of it. Samantha didn’t say anything, so maybe...

I see so much potential in Expedition Agape simply because it’s so much tougher a journey and so fresh and new to Malaysians. I’m really keen to bring it to the international scene too. I believe it can push growth beyond normal programs for our youths.

I love CampVision’s camp and Journey Continues too, and I believe in them, but I can’t do all three for long! I'm too tired to give my best to each.

I’m adamant, though, that whoever takes up Journey Continues and the CampVision camp must have a passionate heart for them. They are not programs to be taken up lightly.

In the course of volunteering, I’ve learnt that, without a vision, it’s impossible to run far with a project. You have to believe in it so much... because the journey will be tough, you will encounter nay-sayers along the way, and you have to share your dream.

If you don’t believe in it, how can you make what people tell you is impossible, possible? How can the people you share your dream with, and the people whose lives you want to reach, believe in it too?

I have four committed people, and another two expressing interest in EA Malaysia... will be meeting up with them soon.

I’m excited... there is finally a committee for CV Malaysia and for EA. Day by day, we are one inch closer to making this a reality.

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