Monday, February 7, 2011


Iewi, Sarine, Samantha... in no particular order, these three girls have been warriors alongside me on this CampVision Malaysia journey.

Where did they come from, God?

At our last meeting, after two hours of discussion on Journey Continues Malaysia programmes and Expedition Agape Malaysia, I asked Samantha, "Did you ever think it will come to this?" And she said, "NO!!!"

Samantha signed up to help out with ONE programme - the 3 day 2 night camp in Singapore. She stayed to help me throughout the Journey Continues Malaysia programme without ever wavering or pulling out.

She committed to Expedition Agape.

And then came along the two quiet angels of Cybercare... Iewi and Sarine. With full passion and heart for the youths of Malaysia.

God, how did You bring us together? How miraculous is it that Iewi and Samantha and I have all gone through CampVision (and not in the same year!), that Sarine joined Cybercare this year, that we all have a passion for the orphanage youths in Malaysia and that we came together after knowing each other at different times in each others' lives, to make this difference happen?

I love Your woven picture, God... everything works out seamlessly for a reason and a purpose... And I just stand in awe at how the threads weave together to make the most glorious picture beyond imagination.

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