Thursday, February 10, 2011

Words of Wisdom

I loved this so much, I sent it to a friend... who wrote back to say that it was apt and timely :>. That's just the way God works...

From an interview with Liz Murray whose life inspired the movie 'Homeless to Harvard'...

'The first step came in 1996 just after her mother died. Liz was 15. "Facing the death of someone so primary to me woke me up," she says. "Even being homeless, I'd never experienced in my entire life up until that moment being so unattached to anything, to not have anything to count on.

That moment taught me that life was malleable. If I could have a family and a home one night and all of it's gone the next, that must mean that life has the capacity to change.

And then I thought, Whoa! That means that just as change happens to me, I can cause change in my life."

That led to her first real commitment: high school. She fit four years of school into two, all without a home, supportive parents, or even a bedroom in which to study.

"High school was a marathon," she says."Academics have never come easily to me. I had to study in stillness, so I carved out spaces for myself. My friend's hallway in the Bronx was really quiet, so I could go up to the top-floor landing and spread out my books because no one would bother me."

Around this time, Murray also realized how to cement her commitments and prevent the grind from wearing her down.

"Before I had this transformation, I always had this illusion I call if-this-then-that. If I find a quiet place, then I'll study. If I get some more cash, then I'll go to school.

We do that when there is no real commitment to a goal. We're saying, "I'm committed...unless.' There's a big difference between that and an absolute commitment. Absolute commitment means you'll work in a hallway."

After earning her diploma, she applied for a college scholarship from The New York Times, which led to acceptance and a full ride to Harvard.'

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