Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yesterday 22/2

What a day, yesterday was. It was a day of shaking, not just for me, but for the whole world. Indeed, I'm waiting for news of my cousin in Christchurch... praying and believing for the best.

This morning, I woke up terribly early as usual... my mind has been so busy and full lately, I do not enjoy sleep. Just thinking about the changes that may have to take place due to news I received yesterday kept my mind too busy for me to rest the whole night.

And... realising this morning, how far I have come since commencing the journey thru EA 2010. I have truly grown in endurance and resilience. I have always been tenacious, but I lacked the endurance to see projects thru to completion. I suppose on EA 2010, I could not 'bail out' so easily... and hence, I saw the project completed.

Somehow even with the setbacks of yesterday, I did not feel upset or weepy... I felt strength rise up inside me to face the new wall looming in front of me.

And I thought about my newly-formed EA team. It's funny, but one word that I would use for the team is 'strength'. The only person I do not know on the team is Laura's friend.... All the others, Samantha, Sarine, Iewi, Laura, Woon... I have come to know. And I know them for being incredibly strong, resilient, giving people.

Today, I was reading Selina's blog... It seemed to speak of what I'm going through right now... And indeed, Selina and her family have been in my thoughts a lot over the past few weeks. Whenever I am inclined to slack or slow down, I think of the challenges they face... I whisper a prayer in my heart for God's covering and comfort and strength in their trials... And I feel stronger to go on to face my own.

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