Monday, March 21, 2011

Do We Make Any Difference?

Keeping an eye on my youths' Facebooks lately... Concerned about the 'high-risks'...

S's FB profile pic has changed to that of P... L is talking about going to Heaven... We all just do what we can...

Last Friday, A called me up about Philip and we chatted. At one point he asked, "Do you think the programmes we do really make any difference?"

I understand how he feels because I thought about that myself...

And you know something? After thinking a long while, I came to the conclusion that, if not for us volunteers, more kids and youths would be 'lost' - in prison, abusive themselves, committing suicide, on the streets - then if we were not around.

We make a difference each time we take time out to listen... each time we keep an appointment to be at the Home/ Shelter for a session... each time we play sports with a youth... just by being there.

I have to believe this because... you know what, Saturday I was in Malacca, recce'ing historical sites with Iewi for an Amazing Race for the RACTAR girls and a group of refugee orphans. And on Sunday I was in Singapore for a CV committee meeting.... If all this is not making a difference, what are we doing it for?

We're all still struggling with grief... tonight's prayer session at Rumah Ozanam is the biggest 'reunion' of Cybercare volunteers that I can remember seeing... We're all coming back, ex-volunteers and current volunteers, to be there with our kids, grieving with them, being there with them. But each of us is struggling ourselves, wondering how a youth... a very precious, talented youth... could have given up. And what we could have done to have made a difference.

I'm sorry, blog-readers... I know I'm rambling. I've got to get back to work anyway. <3 to everyone.

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