Tuesday, March 22, 2011


:> It's a cold, wet, drizzly day today. But I feel so warm and fuzzly and my heart is full. I'm just so inspired by the beautiful people around me.

Today, SH came back from a camp where she conducted LifeGame. She excitedly messaged on FB that 51 souls accepted the Lord at the camp!

Sr. PQ FB'd to say that she is in Alaska. She is starting her prison dog program there!

J has been posting piccies of her trip to Cambodia; she taught the kids in a Home even though her wee throat was all sore from heatiness.

KJ FB'd to ask me if I would sponsor him on his 30 hour fast for World Vision... He is raising funds for a Shelter for trafficked young girls! I am so, so proud of him.

C reports from Sarawak as she goes along her kayaking Expedition stopping at villages on the way.

CP is back from yet another mission trip.

L has just finished a training session for teachers of Deaf students in Myanmar.

I'm so fuzzly warm just seeing these inspirational people living their lives full out in service to others.

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