Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Language of the Soul

I love sign language. As it is there are things I find difficult to talk about... hence my obsession with blogs and diaries and stories :>. It is easier to pen thoughts down... to let feelings and emotions flow through the fingertips into print so that they are released and 'out there'.

What I love most about sign language is that it is incomprehensible if you do not sign exactly what you mean. I remembered that today as a Deaf friend wrote, "We laughed so loud"

A Hearing person would say, "We laughed so hard". But if you try to sign that, it does not make sense. What does the word 'hard' mean? When you take the essence of the word, the sentence is no longer comprehensible.

Such nuances of language we use to make (or rather those who are fluent in language use) smokescreens to hide behind... piling three-four-five syllable words into a single sentence so that the stark clear meaning disappears.

Learning to communicate with the Deaf was a lesson all by itself. Forget learning signs... we had to learn the Language! No wonder Deaf people insist sign language is a language of its own... it is! The sentence structure, the vocabulary, the expressions, are unique.

Forget sarcasm, irony... all the things that depend so much on subtleties of tone to express. The Deaf speak point blank and cannot hear the different levels of tones as these are too soft for the best hearing aid to pick up.

I love the freedom of throwing grammar, spelling, manners! all the things we are taught overtly and covertly, to the wind. I love finding the truth in what I want to say and making it plain.

I wonder how many difficulties we would overcome if we all did the same?

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