Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miss you

Last Saturday there was a funfair at RH where I had volunteered under Cybercare's YLM programme for about 2.5 years.

It was awesome to see kids that we had counselled over the years we were there ... coming up with squeals of "SISTER!!!" and big bear hugs. I miss them very much. Usha, Jo, Janey, Kogila... growing strong and tall and pursuing their dreams.

They came up with whispers of, "Sister, you know so-and-so? Out of the Home ady... you know lah..." Enough said. Only a few of them are still in RH. It was good they had come back to serve at the Funfair, or I would not be able to catch up with them anymore since they have left.

Over the past few weeks, I've been getting so many, "I miss you's" ... from youths in church, youths in S'pore, youths from the Homes... I guess I'm beginning to realise how fast I flutter from one place to another, never staying very long anywhere. I'm so used to this lifestyle of never staying put... look at my childhood!... that I can't seem to stop anywhere long enough to grow roots.

Okay, got to wrap up here. Meeting an old professor from Uni tonight for dinner :> So touched ... he came to my old address to look for me; pity I was not only not there (since I've moved!) but too far away and at Cybercare meeting, so I couldn't rush back!

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