Friday, March 18, 2011

One of Ours....

This is one of the best Homes we have in the Klang Valley... Su Yin, Siak Teng, Alex... were all volunteers here under our YLM program and knew Philip and his family.

This is why, whenever any of my youths need to talk, even if it is in the middle of the night, I'll listen... For fear someday a delay will become a 'too late'...

Lack of support may have driven teen to suicide at shelter home
Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 11:40:00

PETALING JAYA: Teenage college student Tan Yang Chin (pic), who hanged himself on Monday at a shelter home in Section 4 here where he once lived for 12 years, could have been driven to suicide for lack of emotional support from his peers.

Tan, 19, lived at Rumah Ozanam from the age of five, before leaving the home two years ago on scholarship for higher studies at a college in PJ New Town where he rented a house.

On Monday, Tan and his elder sister, who is also studying, visited their two younger siblings — a brother and a sister — residing at Rumah Ozanam. They spent time together going to town. Upon returning to the home, Tan told his three siblings he was waiting for his friends to fetch him for supper at 10pm.

However, at midnight, Tan was found with a towel tied around his neck, with one other end latched to a ring on the wall of the boys' section of the home. His body was found by the caretaker.

Apparently, there was nobody at the boys' section of the home at the time of the incident, as most of them were back with their families for the school holidays.

It was later found that he had posted a message on Facebook: "This is the end, goodbye everyone."

A Rumah Ozanam spokesperson said Tan was a troubled teen but gained confidence from the love and care he received at the home during his time there.

"He had problems coping on his own after leaving the home. He lacked emotional support from his peers," said the spokesperson.

"Those who left home upon adulthood are welcome to visit us but it would appear he was no longer comfortable talking about new problems he faced.

"We believe Tan knew the boys' section would be empty on Monday. Our caretaker, upon finding Tan's body, informed police."

Tan and his three siblings — his elder sister also left home at 17 — lacked a parental presence as their mother had passed away. Their father then moved to Singapore from where he came to attend Tan's funeral at Kampung Tunku cemetery in SS1 here.

"In his growing-up years with us, Tan was caring and helpful," said the Ruman Ozanam spokesperson.

"When the boys return from school holidays, they will find out about this incident. We plan to have a counselling session on this for them."

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