Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Picture from Pulau Ubin camp

This was taken last year at the Pulau Ubin camp. Good angle... My arms look a lot less fat from this angle ;> Just kidding...

We were supposed to draw a picture... What picture was that? I can't remember... A happy place for ourselves? Somewhere we wanted to be? I don't know...

I like this picture... Nowadays I can look at photos of myself without wincing too much ;>.

This picture is special because 'tranquility', which is what I privately call this picture, is the last state of mind we were in at Pulau Ubin.

I wonder what was going through my mind? I know I wanted to paint a peaceful place... I painted the mountains, a lake, trees... all the things that just make me happy and peaceful inside... That funny half-smile that lurks at the corner of my lips when I am unaware on my face...

I was sitting on the floor of this big old wooden building on Pulau Ubin that reminded me so much of Penang, because of the saline smell of the sea.

Tranquility... Yes, maybe... for that short period of time, I was carried away to a place of serenity.

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