Thursday, April 28, 2011


Met up with Sa last night to receive CV registration form and just to catch up. Now that CV is bigger, we have not met up for dinners and just yakking and I miss that awfully.

Sa has really been a strength throughout this year of CV M'sia and just having someone to bounce thoughts off and to plan with has meant so much. Without her, I doubt I would have continued CV. I would have caved in from the workload!

One thing we talked about was on the relationships that the youths we meet are in. One trend that I've noticed is that the youths, not being used to good care, quickly get attached to guys who show them care.

Sometimes that works out. Sometimes not. Sometimes I get more than a wee bit concerned about the guys they choose!!!

I'm not sure how to address this area though. Without seeing healthy relationships mirrored, it is hard for a youth to ascertain what is a loving, real relationship. One without frills and furbelows, but with steadiness, mutual trust and loyalty. One without drama, but with love running deep below.

And of course, one thing that makes me wince is when I see youths entering into physical relationships without knowing fully the consequences.

Oh, I don't mean they don't know that sex can lead to pregnancy. They do.

It is the parenting, that I'm concerned about.

I don't know if they are old enough to want a child, and bring the pregnancy to full-term. I don't know if the boyfriends they are with are willing to marry them if they fall pregnant and assume the burdens of being a father and husband. I don't know if they can be mothers with all the responsibilities it brings when they do not have a strong family support surrounding them to help them when they get frazzled or frustrated.

I dream of solid foundations for my youths. I dream of love and care and mentoring that will wipe away the old slate and prepare them for a new one. I dream of a bright future filled with possibilities and hopes and expectations.

I don't know which dream can come true.

Honestly? I have too many children! ;>

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