Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just plain happy

Originally, I wanted this blog to be a 'healing' blog. Then I discovered that I'm pretty private, really. But if that is what I want this blog to do, then I'll need to be more open. So here's me trying.

One new gift that this year has brought to me is the dawning realisation that I have the right to just be happy.

It sounds silly, doesn't it? Anyone would think that every single person has the right to be happy - to laugh, to smile, to enjoy themselves.

But, growing up, it didn't seem so.

I'm so very lucky. This year, it somehow just clicked for me. For once in my life, I realised that it is truly okay for me to be happy.

And life changed.

Suddenly, life had rainbows again. I could laugh at friends' jokes and silly fun. I could enjoy and savour each moment without feeling guilty for enjoying a moment. I could look forward to sunshine days when everything that surrounded me glowed with golden edges.

Sometimes, I'll see acquaintances' FBs that have a lot of complaints. But for me, it feels like life is starting anew. I have nothing to complain about because the days are so fresh with spring.

I'm truly blessed to have discovered freedom... and I wish I could bring this blessing to loved ones in my life so that they can know it too.

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  1. ONE MAN'S DREAM TO KEEP - 190411

    Before I finally go to sleep
    Let me visit all the oceans deep
    So that I can have unique memories to keep
    After getting God's marvelous creations to peep

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Tue. 19th Apr. 2011.