Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amazing Race Melaka!

On the way by bus!

At the Hang Kasturi Mausoleum. Traffic jam!

Goofing around...

Baba Nyonya museum! The youths got stuck here trying to draw Chinese characters for the first time!

What's a trip to Melaka without Jonker Street, right?

The youths had a buffet spread!

The adults ate outside... but everyone was cheerful about it!

I think most of the youths, if not all, chose the fast forward! Hop on one leg around the (really big!) fountain!

At the Porta de Santiago

Independence Memorial.... Looking for Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat... These really huge metal jeeps...

Finishing stop!

This girl is so lovely... Melina Jokita! She's so sweet!

Group piccie!

Sam can do debriefings already!

Wow! I was so touched that the East Timorese had prepared a good dinner for us!

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