Monday, June 13, 2011

Heal the Broken-hearted

Yesterday's sermon was so special to me.... The service at CHC Singapore was conducted by Pst Mike Connell and he took his message from Judges 11.

Pst Mike spoke about Jepthah, who was a prostitute's son, and how much he was rejected in his life... He really brought the message to life for me as he described scenes for us to picture... How Jepthah's dad's night with his mother was meant to be just a one-night stand, but she got pregnant... and how she must have rejected him in her womb...

What the scene must have been like at Jepthah's father's home when his mother took him and unceremoniously dumped him onto his father's lap and abandoned him... how furious his stepmother must have been and how she would have taken the bitterness of her pain out on the child...

What his childhood and growing up years must have been with stepbrothers who did not love him and who eventually denied him his share of his inheritance...

And how ultimately, God redeemed his life and used it powerfully to save the nation. 

It did not matter where Jepthah had come from. It did not matter what anyone had said about him. Ultimately, nothing could stop God using his life to fulfil a great destiny.

Pst Mike then asked those to whom the message really related to... who had areas of rejection and unforgiveness and bitterness because of unfairness and brokenness in the past to come up to the altar for prayer. And he prayed for individuals and spoke over them.

Because of the ‘movie’ sized screens, we could watch as he prayed over different people; many of those who went up for prayer were just youths. Again and again, Pst Mike spoke against rejection and negative words that had been spoken over a young person’s life... It really broke my heart to see how many had been hurt and wounded by words spoken against them in the past, and from the words spoken I gathered, many of those words that had wounded these youths were from loved ones.

I loved watching God restore and heal the broken areas in their hearts... loved how God knew and could see the wounds that no one else could see and that He cared and took time to speak over each precious child of His.

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