Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keeping track of the good things

Just because it's been a tough 1.5 weeks since the H-G camp, I really need to extra-carefully remember the blessings that have happened too...

... The tears that the RACTAR youths shed as they watched the photos montage of their 2010-2011 journey
... Amy so choked up with emotion she couldn't finish her speech
... Eika telling the next batch "Don't take this opportunity for granted, because a chance like this very rarely comes"
... Suan stepping in to help facilitate the sessions
... Seeing the youth leaders step up and play games and cheer the youths
... M's statement that 'This feels like a family'
... One of the new campers' tears as she indicated that she had never felt love like this before
... Samantha's support thruout
... Serene's encouragement and support
... Laura's cheeriness when things are tough
... Syahidah offering to give part of the proceeds of her exhibit to CV
... Suresh's offer to set up a website for CV
... Claudine's offer to teach dance and drama to CV youths
... Sissy's suggestion for us to work with a group she knows
... Silly phone calls and SMS's with Ayu, one which lasted an hour and fifteen minutes!!
... Rena's invite to go out for after-dinner drinks and dessert

Extra-special 'gifts' that I cherish all the more because it's been such a tough time.

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