Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where's the fun?

I think I finally realise something... and that will help me understand why I'm so cranky and tired and out-of-sorts lately.

Life has become no fun.

Early in the year, I made resolutions. I solidified goals. I prioritized relationships.

And so I concentrated harder on my volunteer work, I set aside time for friends and family, and I re-arranged and schedulised non-stop.

I'm achieving more than ever, but along the way life has lost its savour. I'm so busy trying to make sure I don't waste a single moment that I don't enjoy any moment at all!

I knew something was wrong when I began dreading the things that I should be looking forward to. I knew something was wrong when meeting up with people became a 'chore' rather than a joyful event. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't dredge up a mediocum of excitement, fervour and zest.

Now that I know, moving forward, I think this is what I want to do - Rest. Have fun. Play. Laugh. Forget schedules. Enjoy life. Sing. Dance. Read. Laze. Relax!!!!!!

I've forgotten the meaning of those words.

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