Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breaking thru

I just realised that some of you, my dear blog-readers and friends, have NO idea what I've been talking about... Just came out of Asiaworks Basic and heading for Asiaworks Advanced. The breakthrus I received in Asiaworks Basic were terrific, but I want something permanent, which I expect to receive from the Advanced.

The horror stories I've been hearing about the Advanced course is enough to make me hurry thru my goals! And ... here it is, Sunday afternoon, and I've completed my family relationship goals. All of them. Well, if not completed, I've 'set up appt' which counts anyway! ;>

How do I feel... Well.... That's something I am SO not going to write on a public blog :>.

Something which I learnt during the Basic is that I still have a lot, a LOT of work to do on the area of trust. And that applies to any relationship in my life.

And sometimes I think... yes, open is wonderful. But you know, closed is safe. I'm not so sure I'm ready to let one go in favour of the other... but on the other hand, life the way it is going, without that openness, is just not worth living anymore.

Close my eyes... JUMP.


  1. is being closed really safe?

  2. Rena, It's kept me safe for so long.