Monday, August 1, 2011

A Happy Life

Heading for LP and the final stage of my Asiaworks Training this Friday.

And what has happened as the outcome of all I've been through in Advanced?

A Happy Life.

The life that I told myself was impossible. I conditioned myself to accept that things would never change. The holes in my heart would never be filled. My family situation would never change. I would never really be happy again.

Guess what? I was wrong :>

And when my Advanecd SGL asked me, "So now, what is possible?" I told him, "Everything. Because I thought this was impossible. If this is possible, ANYTHING is possible!"

I woke up thinking that I was in the happiest dream because it could not possibly that this life is my reality.

Except it is.

I'm living a happy life. :> I love you all!

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