Monday, September 19, 2011


Learning each day what is possible - challenged to reach deadlines and heights and standards of excellence that I once would not have thought possible. Learning that in my life I have been lazy! There is a higher standard than what I've been achieving all this while. Going in excellence is what I am supposed to be doing - I am a Christian, and we're supposed to be excellent! But I've been lazy and sloppy, thinking I'm doing okay, because I love to compare and just do a little bit more.

Now learning to be the extraordinary that I am supposed to be... running full stretch and frustrated when I don't feel that 100% in me. Making new choices to GO AT A 100%!!!!

And along the way, dropping all the old baggage that only brings irritating habits that annoy people or brings negative attention. I don't need all that garbage on me when I'm running full-speed! It only slows me down!

I wish everyone had this opportunity to live life to the fullest. I want to bring it to everyone I know!

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