Thursday, September 29, 2011

Standing Up

I used to wonder what it was like in the days of apartheid... in the days of African slavery in the United States. I thrilled to read of stories of the Underground Railroad, of abolitionists... I wondered what my choice would have been in those days. When I read of the brutality served on the Africans and those who harboured runaway slaves, I shuddered... thankful that I was not born in such an era and having to make choices that would either make my conscience uneasy or risk my life.

Learning to take a stand, in the face of opposition from even friends, is one of the most difficult things I'm learning today. And as ever, I wonder what is ahead of me in my journey that God would bring this lesson into my life for me to look at and to learn and to grow strong from.

Because I am lonely. And that loneliness is tough. Easy to say, stand up and be counted. Difficult when I stand alone and see nobody else standing up with me.

I wonder where the strength of great men and women like Martin Luther King Jr. II came from... It is easy to say "I have a dream"... It is difficult in the early days of the dream when there is nobody with you.

Maybe all I need to hear is God's still small voice saying, "I am with you even until the ends of the earth."

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