Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Dream Come True

Expedition AGAPE Malaysia 2012
Name: Gillian Valerie Chong Tze Yen
Age: 33
Occupation: Tax Manager
Allocation: RM 63,000
Project: Expedition AGAPE Malaysia 2012

Children in shelter homes are always at the receiving end. While charity is a good thing, it cannot be easy for the recipients, who often suffers from the loss of confidence. Seldom are these children called upon to make a difference in others' lives. Expedition AGAPE Malaysia aims to do just that: empower the children to improve the lives of others.


Expedition AGAPE Malaysia 2012 is a 6-month personal development project for children from shelter homes.

Being dependant on others has made a dent in some of these children's self-confidence and self-esteem. The children are seldom given a chance to prove their ability to lead and motivate. The objective of Expedition AGAPE Malaysia is to break this barrier and train them to be future leaders.

The program involves training 20 youth from several shelter homes with character building, leadership empowerment and personality development for 6 months. The youths will then plan and lead a 9-day expedition to an underprivileged community in Simunjan, Sarawak and perform community service activities to benefit the host village. Expedition AGAPE Malaysia 2012 will develop these youths to become stronger individuals!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Is This What I Really Want?

I'm feeling low today... I dunno why. It could be just the after-effects of a great push as I scramble to get things done before I leave for Manila, Philippines next Friday. So much to do... enrollments, PPGs, Guest Events, supporting Team mates, CS, work, volunteer work...

What LP has shown me is what my life COULD be if I want it... I don't know if it's because I'm feeling low, but a part of me wonders if this is what I really want.

The LP journey has been a crazy non-stop race... Far busier than I was already. And it's been service, service, service all the time. It's been risking with people more than I have ever gone just to be in contribution to them. Risking ME in order to contribute to others...

And that's the life I dream of switching to... A life that will be of service to others 24/7. I want to set up a centre for counselling sexually abused kids and then I want to set up centres all over the world for rescuing and serving children and youths... This is my dream.

But what I can't imagine right now is a life of non-stop LP journey. In the LP journey, the highs have been too high and the lows have been too low... I have reached physical and mental exhaustion to the point that I don't think anymore, I just do... I brace myself all the time for higher leaps than I've ever reached, greater risks than I've ever taken, feelings that are deeper than any level I've been to... I love people and give to others ALL THE TIME!!

And is this truly the life I want to live? I'm exhausted. I am nothing short of exhausted.

But then, why would I want to live a mundane, boring, oatmeal-beige life?

What's the trade-off? What will I choose? I think I know my choice. Live or die, it's going to be a life of service every single day of my life.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The End is in Sight

I watched my two colleagues and a friend walk into the Advanced today. They are so well-grounded and sure of what they want. I don't know why, but walking away from there, I finally felt that my journey was coming to an end.

Perhaps it's seeing people whom I have brought into the Basic who are ready going to LP. Knowing that just as their journey begins, mine must be ending.

I'm evaluating myself. What else have I not done? What else have I not achieved? What further growth do I want? I don't have time left... I have to focus and get those things that I want NOW.

I can't begin to say how frought with disappointments this last week and a half have been... My CSA campaign cancelled at the last minute by one of the Homes.... Typhoons and floods in Manila... Team mate results that are off-track at this last minute!!

But what came out of the ashes? People flocking in to donate because they are more aware of the plight of the Filipino people and are moved to help... More children reached because I desperately tried to fill in the numbers... Going deeper and further for others in my Team and seeing them achieve results and receiving their love and support in return.

There was a purpose in every failure... Something bigger and stronger than what I planned.

The journey is ending. I'm glad :>

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Person Within

What I loved best about this video is how the Teacher looks beyond the outside of the student.... the 'front' that looks lazy and unmotivated and disinterested and 'ruining his life'... to the beautiful person within with all the potential to make this world beautiful... Giving all that she can, just out of love, to see that beautiful person reach his full potential...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's all about Others

When I first joined LP, I thought it was a training that would benefit me. And it is... but that's not all the narrow scope that LP is.

Because LP is not all about me. It's about reaching out to impact others.

I'm overwhelmed by what's been happening in LP.

Seeing my team mates grow and soar as we support each other... The lives of my friends and family and colleagues and their loved ones changed as they attend the Basic and, in their turn, support others to join the Basic... Contributions pouring in of donations and volunteers for WOW Day as together we make a day special for children with cancer... Sharing hours of laughter and hard work in mural paintings at UMMC and NCS...

And in my PPGs... Volunteers and donations as others reach out loving hands to contribute to the flood-stricken slum areas of Manila, Philippines whom we will be visiting in an Expedition in 2.5 weeks time... Child sexual abuse awareness programs set up in two different orphanages empowering the lives of the most vulnerable children and youths in society... Loving relationships created and bonds strengthened in my family.

Yes, I am truly blessed to be in this LP, but you know something more important? So many others are blessed because of LP147 too. Very, very grateful from the bottom of my heart for this chance to participate with the most powerful LP team ever to rock the City in Asiaworks!