Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The End is in Sight

I watched my two colleagues and a friend walk into the Advanced today. They are so well-grounded and sure of what they want. I don't know why, but walking away from there, I finally felt that my journey was coming to an end.

Perhaps it's seeing people whom I have brought into the Basic who are ready going to LP. Knowing that just as their journey begins, mine must be ending.

I'm evaluating myself. What else have I not done? What else have I not achieved? What further growth do I want? I don't have time left... I have to focus and get those things that I want NOW.

I can't begin to say how frought with disappointments this last week and a half have been... My CSA campaign cancelled at the last minute by one of the Homes.... Typhoons and floods in Manila... Team mate results that are off-track at this last minute!!

But what came out of the ashes? People flocking in to donate because they are more aware of the plight of the Filipino people and are moved to help... More children reached because I desperately tried to fill in the numbers... Going deeper and further for others in my Team and seeing them achieve results and receiving their love and support in return.

There was a purpose in every failure... Something bigger and stronger than what I planned.

The journey is ending. I'm glad :>

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