Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's all about Others

When I first joined LP, I thought it was a training that would benefit me. And it is... but that's not all the narrow scope that LP is.

Because LP is not all about me. It's about reaching out to impact others.

I'm overwhelmed by what's been happening in LP.

Seeing my team mates grow and soar as we support each other... The lives of my friends and family and colleagues and their loved ones changed as they attend the Basic and, in their turn, support others to join the Basic... Contributions pouring in of donations and volunteers for WOW Day as together we make a day special for children with cancer... Sharing hours of laughter and hard work in mural paintings at UMMC and NCS...

And in my PPGs... Volunteers and donations as others reach out loving hands to contribute to the flood-stricken slum areas of Manila, Philippines whom we will be visiting in an Expedition in 2.5 weeks time... Child sexual abuse awareness programs set up in two different orphanages empowering the lives of the most vulnerable children and youths in society... Loving relationships created and bonds strengthened in my family.

Yes, I am truly blessed to be in this LP, but you know something more important? So many others are blessed because of LP147 too. Very, very grateful from the bottom of my heart for this chance to participate with the most powerful LP team ever to rock the City in Asiaworks!

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