Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Can I ever find the words to describe what it is like to see people transform and blossom and shine and fly? Joy upon joys to see the graduates of MB150 graduating as MA151!!! I was so proud and indescribably happy! I wish I had been in the room to see them grow and change.... but it was enough to see them on Sunday at graduation.

I really could do this work forever!!!

Meanwhile, buzy as anything with two camps coming up for Rumah Charis and Annai Illam and East Timor Leste refugee orphans, and I haven't even got a good grip yet on Expedition AGAPE which planning must start soon. Its buzy-crazy around here!

I am overjoyed to see people celebrating by giving this Christmas... City Harvest has invited Rumah Hope and Precious Children Home for their Emerge Junior... HURRAH! How the kids will love that! And Cybercare has organized rock climbing and high-elements... the youths will be so excited!

Pst Avanzini taught in church last Sunday to give our best Christmas present to Jesus... I think Jesus would love the way people around me are celebrating His birthday this year!

I cannot say a bigger thank You to God for the beautiful people I know... How blessed, blessed, blessed am I!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Team True Colours

I am so blessed... I have an amazing team in the Basic... Beautiful, powerful, strong, loving, caring and giving... I enjoy seeing them grow and test the limits with risks... Taking steps each day to grasp the changes ahead for them to reveal that incredible person they really are inside.

I am privileged to serve :>

Thursday, November 10, 2011

100% Giving

I thought that I am a Giver.

Then I joined Asiaworks. And at each level, I learn more about what being a Giver TRULY is!

I thought at LP, I had gone further than ever before in being a Giver, because I focused so much on my LP Team winning.

Now I am staffing the Basic. I have learnt that I still have a long ways to go in being a Giver!

I wonder what staffing Advanced and senioring LP will be like? I'm wary of senioring because when I look at what Givers the seniors are, and how far they have to go for each of us, I wonder if I can go the distance!

It's humbling .... What an incredibly beautiful experience Giving is.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Metro Manila Philippines - Smokey Mountain

Houses in Smokey Moutain

A little girl standing in front of the excavators

We walked on rubbish trampled feet deep

Houses standing on the sea

This lady lost her house in the floods.

Sweetest grin as he does the washing.

This spunky lass wouldn't let go of my hand!

As beautiful as a princess... she has spindly handicapped legs, and so she uses these wonderful wheelchairs that I will always be grateful to the inventor for... cheap lawn chairs turned into cheap wheelchairs for disabled people in the developing world.

Smokey Mountain!

The children love their siblings and take good care of them.

Trudging deeper and deeper... Normally peeps will not go into Smokey Mountain as it is considered dangerous.

The children are always beautiful

Waiting in excited anticipation...

Metro Manila Philippines

This was in Purok Valley. The people are seafarers who came inland to make their fortune, but ended up begging on the streets, mothers and children alike.

The team chilling out after a hard day's work.

This little girl's angelic look is deceptive; the naughty minx kept running up to me and hitting me and then running off! She lives in Old Smokey Mountain in the tenement flats set up by the govt.

Nathalynn made a terrific clown!

I was touched that these tough guys with their tattoos and all were still captivated with the performance.

Uncle Buttons kept serving inspite of the heat.

This little girl was so fascinated, she ran in front of the lines! *lols*

The children waiting in line for their turn to go in.

Cheeky kids sitting amongst the rubbish thrown out from the flats.

It poured with rain, but these are tough kids wei!

When the rain poured, the tarps became umbrellas!

This little girl bent doubled will always have my heart... She is hunchbacked but look at that spunky grin!

Games time!

See.... we may come from a country far away... but heart to heart, we are the same.

These young men are powerful! They are already serving as helpers!

Nine year old preacher! And he did so well!

Even in the mountains there are garbage mountains where children sift thru rubbish...

Isn't she adorable? Annalyn's neighbour.

My sponsored child's family.

Finally a promise kept... Meeting my precious girl after all these years.

This was our 'vehicle' .... little carriages that can be plucked on and off the railway tracks!